Bonus Days Calculator

Bonus Days Calculator

What are Bonus Days?

During World War Two, countless thousands of soldiers experienced a day when they could have been killed. Most would say that they should have died on a particular day and therefore considered all subsequent days of life on Earth as bonus days.

For 2nd Lt Charles Arnett, that day was May 19, 1944 when, as pilot of a B-24 Liberator with the 492nd Bomb Group, flying a mission from England to Germany, his plane was shot down, crash-landing in Nazi-occupied Holland. A total of 43 men of the 492nd BG were killed that day during a single Luftwaffe attack, one from the Arnett Crew 717.

Charles Arnett survived his near-death experience and lived a total of 23,309 bonus days until he died of natural causes on Mar 12, 2008.

Obviously, this Bonus Days Calculator is not limited to WWII, but can be used to find the number of days between most any two days of your choosing, from the number of days you've been alive to the number of days remaining until a future event such as your next birthday.

Use this as you see fit. Just remember that any abuse of it that might disrupt the space-time continuum and destroy the universe will be squarely on your shoulders, not ours.

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  • This javascript calculator has only been marginally made idiot-proof. It's up to you to enter actual valid dates in the proper format.
  • Calculations actually do account for leap days that may occur between your entered dates.
  • Both entered dates are included in the calculated result. If you truly want the days between, you can simply subtract 2 yourself.


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