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The Cairo Conference of 1943

Paperback (207 pages), kindle
Roosevelt, Churchill and Chiang Kai-shek met in Cairo, 22-27 Nov 1943, to discuss the future of the war in the China-Burma-India Theater and postwar plans after Japan's defeat.

The Cairo Conference of 1943

For four days in November 1943, Winston Churchill, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Chiang Kai-shek and Madame Chiang Kai-shek met in Cairo to discuss the future of the war in the China-Burma-India Theater and plans for the ultimate defeat of Japan. This would be the first and last time that these leaders would meet. This book chronicles the Cairo Conference, the events leading up to the conference, and the consequences of the decisions, understandings and misunderstandings that resulted from the summit. The only book-length study of the subject, this text examines the enormous impact the conference had on the course of the war in Asia and post-war Sino-Western relations.

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