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202 World War II Army Men

American, British, German & Japanese World War II Soldiers
German, Japanese, British, American, each nationality in its own color with at least 12 poses per nation and a flag. And the Brits even include bagpipers! Fun for the whole family!

202 World War II Army Men

Army Men Action Figures - 202 Pieces with American, British, German & Japanese World War II Soldiers: The ultimate playset, and perfect for dioramas, models, games, or display. This action filled bucket contains over 200 Army Men from 4 different troops. American GIs are green, Germany is in Gray, Japan is in Light Green, and Britain is in Yellow. A great Value. A great set of action figures.

Product Features

  • 186 Soldier Figures (Green GI's, Yellow Brits, Gray Germans, Pea Green Japanese)
  • 4 Flags, 4-1/2 inch tall
  • Size: Up to 2-3/16 inches tall (56mm)
  • Scale: Approximately 1/32nd

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