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A Bridge Too Far

1977, DVD - Blu-Ray
An epic film that re-creates in stunning detail one of the most disastrous battles of WWII.

A Bridge Too Far

An epic film that "re-creates in stunning detail one of the most disastrous battles of World War II" (The Hollywood Reporter), A Bridge Too Far is a spectacular war picture. Painstakingly recreated on actual battlefield locations and boasting a remarkable cast that includes Sean Connery, Anthony Hopkins, Sir Laurence Olivier and Robert Redford, A Bridge Too Far accurately recaptures the monumental scope, excitement and danger behind one of the biggest military gambles in history.

In September 1944, flush with success after the Normandy Invasion, the Allies confidently launched Operation Market Garden, a wild scheme intended to put an early end to the fighting by invading Germany and smashing the Reich's war plants. But a combination of battlefield politics, faulty intelligence, bad luck and even worse weather led to disaster beyond the Allies' darkest fears.

A Bridge Too Far...

Although this 1977 film is jam-packed with some great scenes and features most every big name star of the day, it falls short of being an "essential" WWII movie. Any true WWII enthusiast should watch it at least once, however, but to buy it to add to your collection is rather hard to justify, unless you simply have too much money burning a hole in your pocket.

At 2 hours and 55 minutes, the movie could well be called A Film Too Long or even A Movie Too Boring. It tries to tell too much about Operation Market Garden. Truth is, it could have been improved by either cutting a good hour from it or adding a bit more to turn it into a television miniseries.

Operation Market Garden...

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  • 17 Sep 44: Operation Market Garden begins with massive airborne assault
  • 20 Sep 44: Joint British-American attack captures a "bridge too far"
  • 25 Sep 44: Failed operation ends, Allies evacuate remaining troops

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