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Battling the Elements:

Weather and Terrain in the Conduct of War

Paperback (336 pages)
If you plan on invading Russia, count on General Winter to fight back.

Battling the Elements:

Throughout history, from Kublai Khan's attempted invasions of Japan to Rommel's desert warfare, military operations have succeeded or failed on the ability of commanders to incorporate environmental conditions into their tactics. In Battling the Elements, geographer Harold A. Winters and former U.S. Army officers Gerald E. Galloway Jr., William J. Reynolds, and David W. Rhyne, examine the connections between major battles in world history and their geographic components, revealing what role factors such as weather, climate, terrain, soil, and vegetation have played in combat.

Each chapter offers a detailed and engaging explanation of a specific environmental factor and then looks at several battles that highlight its effects on military operations. As this cogent analysis of geography and war makes clear, those who know more about the shape, nature, and variability of battleground conditions will always have a better understanding of the nature of combat and at least one significant advantage over a less knowledgeable enemy.

Mother Nature during World War Two...

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  • 12 Jan 40: 50 inches of frost is reported in Finland
  • 13 Nov 41: Temperature on Russian Front drops to -80°F
  • 18 Mar 44: Mount Vesuvius begins a six-day eruption
  • 23 Mar 44: Mount Vesuvius' eruption slowly subsides
  • 05 Jun 44: Rough seas in the English Channel postpone D-Day invasion
  • 19 Jun 44: Channel storms begin, wreaking havoc on the Mulberries
  • 23 Aug 44: B-24 crashes into school during violent thunderstorm
  • 09 Dec 44: Patton's Weather Prayer circulated to the Third Army
  • 05 Jun 45: 30 American ships damaged by typhoon near Okinawa

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  • Battling the Elements:
    Weather and Terrain in the Conduct of War

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