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The Alaska Highway

Paperback (112 pages)
An exciting collection of photographs presenting the story of the planning, construction and maintenance of the Alcan Highway and the impact and influence it made on the landscape and the First Nations people along the route.

The Alaska Highway

The Alaska Highway links Dawson Creek, British Columbia, with Fairbanks, Alaska, and stretches 1,500 miles through some of the most rugged and isolated terrain in North America. This exciting collection of photographs presents the story of the planning, construction, and maintenance of the highway. The collection also considers the impact of the highway on the landscape and the First Nations people along the route, and its influence on the North.

The Alaska Highway...

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  • 08 Mar 42: Construction of the Alaska (Alcan) Highway gets underway
  • 28 Oct 42: Alcan Highway completed in rough form
  • 01 Apr 46: Canadian portion of Alcan Highway returned to Canada

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