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Triumph of the Will

Remastered Deluxe Edition

Complete and uncut from International Historic Films, the Nazi propaganda masterpiece that brought Leni Riefenstahl both fame and infamy.

Triumph of the Will


Four Interactive DVD Slideshows:
  • Historical Background; Making of the Film; Personalities and Locations.
  • SA Historical Background.
  • Original Promotional Materials and Media Articles with Interactive English Translations.
  • Original Third Reich Photo Book: "NURNBERG 1934" on the Reich's Party Convention. Digital Audio/Visual Book with English Narration. [9 Min.]
Two Bonus Shorts:
  • DAY OF FREEDOM: OUR ARMED FORCES (Tag Der Freiheit: Unsere Wehrmacht), Leni Riefenstahl's complement to Triumph of the Will. NOW COMPLETE AND UNCUT! Restored with a recently discovered 10 minute middle reel, which includes, according to Riefenstahl, one of her best filmed Hitler speeches. [26 Minutes].
  • GENESIS OF TRIUMPH, A new IHF featurette overview of the events leading to Hitler taking power and the significance of the Nuremberg Party Convention. A comprehensive look at precisely what takes place in Triumph of the Will, including novel facts about Riefenstahl's film editing. [23 Minutes].
Other DVD Features:
  • Interactive Scene Selection
  • Accurate Switchable English and Spanish Subtitles
  • Digitally Restored from Original 35mm Film Elements using daVinci Revival(tm) Technology.
  • Optimal DVD-9 Dual Layer Edition

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The dictionary defines propaganda as a derogatory term for information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. While the term has acquired a strongly negative connotation by association with its most extreme examples, such as Nazi propaganda used to justify the Holocaust, propaganda in its original sense was neutral, and could refer to uses that were generally positive, such as public health recommendations, signs encouraging citizens to participate in a census or election, or messages encouraging persons to report crimes to law enforcement, among others.

Propaganda can be classified as either white, gray or black. White propaganda openly discloses its source. Gray propaganda is ambiguous or non-disclosed. Black propaganda purports to be published by the enemy or someone besides its actual origins. All three were employed during World War II and can be rather easily identified. In Spanish and Portuguese languages, the word propaganda simply refers to the most common form of persuasion and manipulation -- advertising -- which carries no particular connotation per se.

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  • Triumph of the Will (Germany)
    28 Mar 35: Leni Riefenstahl's award-winning film chronicling the Sep 5-10, 1934 Nazi Party Congress in Nuremberg
  • Ohm Krüger (Germany)
    04 Apr 41: Anti-British feature film shedding bad light on British imperialism toward Afrikaans-speaking Boers
  • No Greater Sin (USA)
    28 Aug 41: Military instructional film warning young soldiers about the dangers of prostitutes and the spread of syphilis
  • Why We Fight (USA)
    27 May 42: A series of seven Frank Capra-produced documentary films to show the the dire necessity of combating the Axis Powers
  • Mission to Moscow (USA)
    22 May 43: Feature film made to garner more sympathy and support for the Soviet Union
  • This Is the Army (USA)
    12 Aug 43: Irving Berlin's wartime musical designed to boost American morale and patriotism
  • The Negro Soldier (USA)
    10 Apr 44: Frank Capra-produced docudrama made to promote African-American military enlistment
  • Memphis Belle (USA)
    13 Apr 44: William Wyler documentary of the first crew of the 8th Air Force to complete 25 missions
  • Nazi Concentration Camps (USA)
    29 Nov 45: Films of concentration camp atrocities are shown at the Nuremberg trials

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  • Triumph of the Will
    Remastered Deluxe Edition

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