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United Nations:

A History

Paperback (496 pages), kindle
The United Nations was created to prevent war, yet the list of conflicts that have arisen since 1945 seems endless.

United Nations:

United Nations: A History begins with its creation in 1945. Although the organization was created to prevent war, many conflicts have arisen, ranging from The Korean War, to The Six Day War, to genocide in Bosnia and Rwanda. Stanley Meisler’s in-depth research examines the crises and many key political leaders.

In this second edition, Meisler brings his popular history up to date with accounts of the power struggles of the last fifteen years, specifically spotlighting the terms of secretaries-general Boutros Boutros-Ghali, Kofi Annan and Ban Ki-moon.

This is an important, riveting, and impartial guide through the past and recent events of the sixty-five-year history of the United Nations.

The United Nations...

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  • 12 Jun 41: Inter-Allied Declaration is signed in London, first step to the UN
  • 14 Aug 41: Atlantic Charter signed at sea, defining Allied goals for post-war world
  • 01 Jan 42: First use of term "United Nations" in Washington DC by 26 Allied nations
  • 24 Oct 45: UN Charter ratified by 5 permanent members of the Security Council
  • 19 Dec 45: Eleanor Roosevelt appointed as one of first US delegates to the UN
  • 10 Jan 46: First General Assembly held, 51 nations represented, held in London
  • 17 Jan 46: First Security Council meeting, adopting rules, procedures, held in London
  • 12 Apr 46: The League of Nations holds its final meeting, turning all assets to the UN
  • 24 Jan 46: First resolution adopted, focusing on peaceful uses of atomic energy
  • 10 Dec 48: General Assembly adopts Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • 24 Oct 49: Cornerstone laid for present UN Headquarters in New York City

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  • United Nations
    A History

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