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Wings of a Warrior:

The Jimmy Doolittle Story

The true life story of the legendary Jimmy Doolittle - flying pioneer and American hero.

Wings of a Warrior:

The true life story of legionary flying pioneer, American hero and Congressional Medal of Honor winner, Jimmy Doolittle, is told by Gardner Doolittle with Jimmy's approval.

The film tracks the life of this American hero from childhood through his record breaking 1922 coast-to-coast flight, his earning of a Doctorate at MIT, his development of instrument-only flying, his military roles in the Invasion of Normandy, throughout WWII and his incredible role in the raid on Tokyo and more.

Jimmy Doolittle...

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  • 11 Mar 32: Doolittle sets world high speed land plane record
  • 04 Apr 42: USS HORNET departs San Francisco for the Doolittle Raid
  • 26 Feb 43: Doolittle assumes command of 12th Air Force
  • 21 Apr 43: FDR condemns execution of downed Doolittle Raiders
  • 06 Jan 44: Doolittle assumes command of 8th Air Force
  • 13 Mar 44: Doolittle promoted to rank of Lt General (three stars)
  • 09 Jun 45: Doolittle honored with Patton in Los Angeles parade

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  • Wings of a Warrior:
    The Jimmy Doolittle Story

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