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The Price of Peace

Paperback (480 pages), kindle, audiobook
Did FDR give too much to Stalin and thus pave the way to the Cold War? Since 1945, opinion has been bitterly divided on what FDR, Churchill and Stalin achieved at the Yalta Conference.


"A colorful and gripping portrait of the three aging leaders at their historic encounter." -The Wall Street Journal

For eight fateful days in 1945, three of the towering figures of the twentieth century - FDR, Churchill and Stalin - met at a resort town on the Black Sea to decide on a strategy to defeat Germany and Japan, and to carve up the world. For more than sixty years, opinion has been bitterly divided on what they achieved. Did Yalta pave the way to the Cold War? Did FDR give too much to Stalin? In this groundbreaking book, Harvard historian S. M. Plokhy draws on newly declassified Soviet documents and unpublished diaries and letters of the participants to set the record straight.

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  • 09 Aug 41: Atlantic Conference in Newfoundland; Discuss Soviet aid
  • 14 Jan 43: Casablanca Conference; Ultimatum for unconditional surrender
  • 22 Nov 43: 1st Cairo Conference; Declaration for postwar Asia
  • 28 Nov 43: Teheran Conference; First meeting of the Big 3
  • 05 Dec 43: 2nd Cairo Conference; Ike picked as Supreme Allied Commander
  • 30 Jan 45: Malta Conference; FDR, Churchill prepare for Yalta Conference
  • 03 Feb 45: Yalta Conference; Final plans for defeat of Germany
  • 17 Jul 45: Potsdam Conference; Plans laid out for postwar Germany

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