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Hitler Strikes North:

The Nazi Invasion of Norway and Denmark

Hardcover (304 pages)
The German Blitzkrieg into Poland was improved upon when they stormed into Denmark and Norway, unleashing the first "three dimensional" strategic invasion in history.

Hitler Strikes North:

More than any other campaign of WWII, Operation Weserubing has been shrouded in mystery. Strategic political and legal issues were unclear and military issues were dominated by risk. The German success was the result of improvisation and the application of available forces far beyond the comprehension of their British and Norwegian counterparts. The operation necessitated combining the resources of air force, army and navy. Troops were transported into battle by warship and aircraft, and paratroopers were used for the first time.

This combined arms assault was the first 'three dimensional' strategic invasion in history. Hitler Strikes North details the course of this groundbreaking invasion and provides valuable historical and modern lessons about the role of combined arms planning, the strategic demand for resources, and the use of military force.

Norway, heavy water and Quisling...

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  • 09 Apr 40: Day 1 of 63 of the Battle of Norway
  • 10 Jun 40: Norway surrenders unconditionally to the Nazis
  • 16 Jun 40: French transfer Norwegian heavy water to British
  • 25 Sep 40: All political parties except Quisling's pro-Nazi party are dissolved
  • 01 Feb 42: Quisling forms a puppet government under German rule
  • 18 Oct 42: Commandos parachute in to recon Telemark plant
  • 19 Nov 42: Sabotage attempt fails when gliders crash en route
  • 16 Feb 43: Commandos parachute in to meet reconnaissance party
  • 28 Feb 43: Commandos successfully sabotage Telemark plant
  • 16 Nov 43: RAF bombs heavy water plant, which is under repair
  • 20 Feb 44: Railway ferry carrying heavy water to Germany is sunk
  • 07 May 45: All German troops in Norway surrender unconditionally
  • 09 May 45: Quisling is captured by Norwegian underground
  • 10 Sep 45: Quisling is sentenced to death in Oslo
  • 24 Oct 45: Quisling is executed by firing squad for high treason

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