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Hood and Bismarck:

The Deep-Sea Discovery of an Epic Battle

Paperback (224 pages)
A mixture of history and adventure that includes interviews with survivors of both ships.

Hood and Bismarck:

Tieing into the sixtieth anniversary of the battle between the Bismarck and the HMS Hood, this book will be a mixture of history and adventure and will include interviews with survivors of both ships. It will be illustrated throughout with state-of-the-art underwater photography of the wrecks, computer graphics and sonar scans as well as archive paintings and photographs showing this dramatic battle.

German Battleships...

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The Bismarck...

  • 14 Feb 39: The Bismarck is launched
  • 24 May 41: The Bismarck sinks the HMS Hood
  • 26 May 41: The Bismarck is attacked and damaged
  • 27 May 41: The crippled Bismarck is scuttled and sunk

Other German Battleships...

  • 04 Feb 41: Scharnhorst and Gneisenau sail into the Atlantic
  • 12 Nov 44: RAF Lancasters sink the Tirpitz in Norwegian fjord

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