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When Leaders Really Matter

Hardcover (320 pages), kindle
A single leader in the right place at the right time and with the right qualities can change the course of history.


Will your next leader be insignificant —or indispensable?

The importance of leadership and the impact of individual leaders has long been the subject of debate. Are they made by history, or do they make it?

In Indispensable, Harvard Business School professor Gautam Mukunda offers an enticingly fresh look at how and when individual leaders really can make a difference. By identifying and analyzing the hidden patterns of their careers, and by exploring the systems that place these leaders in positions of power, Indispensable sheds new light on how we may be able to identify the best leaders and what lessons we can learn, from both the process and the result.

Profiling a mix of historic and modern figures— - from Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln to Winston Churchill and Judah Folkman - —and telling the stories of how they came to power and how they made the most important decisions of their lives, Indispensable reveals how, when, and where a single individual in the right place at the right time can save or destroy the organization they lead, and even change the course of history.

Indispensable will also help you understand this new model so you can use it in your own life—, whether you’re a citizen casting a ballot, an executive choosing your next CEO, or a leader trying to make your mark.

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  • 03 Jun 39: Predicts war with Germany will come this year.
  • 20 Jan 40: Famous "feed the crocodile" line to neutral nations.
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  • 04 Jun 40: Gives his stern "never surrender" speech.
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  • 20 Jul 41: Inaugurates the "V for Victory" campaign.
  • 08 May 45: Addresses the nation on V-E Day.
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