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The BBC:

70 Years of Broadcasting

Hardcover (130 pages)
Celebrate the rich and sometimes stormy history of the British Broadcasting Corporation and its programming, from the introduction ofradio and television, through WWII and beyond.

The BBC:

Published to mark the BBC's 70th anniversary, this book celebrates the rich and sometimes stormy history of the Corporation and its programmes. Tracing its expansion from a single radio station, 2LO in London, to today's position as the most prestigious broadcasting organization in the world, the book focuses on the achievements of Lord Reith, the BBC in wartime, the growth of the World Service, the introduction of television, the Hugh Greene years, developing competition from ITV and the changes of the 1980s and 1990s. It includes a date list and a fold-out colour chart depicting the BBC's leading figures and the major political events which have influenced them and the Corporation between 1922 and 1992.


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  • 07 Sep 27: Philo Farnsworth demos first televised image
  • 22 Mar 35: "Greater German Television" is born
  • 02 Nov 36: BBC launches "high-definition" TV service
  • 30 Apr 39: FDR speech televised from New York World's Fair
  • 07 May 43: GGTV begins broadcasting from Eiffel Tower
  • ?? Sep 44: Amid Allied advance, GGTV broadcasts cease

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