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Then & Now

The Sheffield Blitz

Kindle only (~107 pages)
Anyone too young to remember WWII may find it hard to imagine just how devastated Sheffield was by two German raids in December 1940.

Then & Now

Anyone too young to remember World War Two may find it hard to imagine Sheffield devastated after two German raids in December 1940.

Hitler had intended to invade Britain after he had defeated the Royal Air Force during The Battle of Britain in the summer of 1940. However the Few of Fighter Command won the battle but Germany's air force then turned their attention to the major cities of Britain.

By re-shooting of the photographs taken just after the bombing a true perspective of the damage suffered by Sheffield can be gained.

To mark the 70th anniversary of the Sheffield Blitz this popular book has been re-printed with extra images.

The Blitz...

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  • 06 Sep 40: The official start of the Blitz
  • 07 Sep 40: Codeword "Cromwell" passed to warn Britons of invasion
  • 12 Oct 40: Re-evacuation of English children begins
  • 12 Dec 40: First night of the "Sheffield Blitz"
  • 15 Dec 40: Second night of the "Sheffield Blitz"
  • 29 Dec 40: St Paul's Cathedral miraculously survives
  • 19 Apr 41: Thirty-four firemen killed battling Blitz blazes
  • 10 May 41: Blitz raid known as the "Longest Night"
  • 11 May 41: First Messerschmitt shot down over England
  • 21 May 41: The Blitz un-ceremonially comes to end

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