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Code Name Caesar:

The Secret Hunt for U-Boat 864 During World War II

Paperback (304 pages), kindle
History is made in a cat-and-mouse battle beneath the waves between two submarines, one British and one German, as they hunted one another, each waiting to strike.

Code Name Caesar:

In the waning days of World War II, a little-known battle took place under the frozen seas off the coast of Norway . . . and changed the course of the war.

In February of 1944, Germany and Japan devised a desperate plan to escape defeat. The Germans would send Japan a submarine—boat U-864—packed with their most advanced rocket and jet aircraft technology. Japan could then reestablish air superiority in the Pacific, drawing the attention of Allied forces long enough for Germany to regroup.

Meanwhile, British code breakers, working with the Norwegian underground, had discovered the plan. But even though they were unable to stop the submarine from embarking, the British submarine HMS Venturer was waiting for it at sea. In a cat-and-mouse battle beneath the waves, they hunted one another, each waiting to strike. The Venturer won the game, becoming the only submarine in history to sink another sub in underwater combat.

This is the dramatic, action-packed account of one of the greatest unsung victories in military history, and of a historical moment in the annals of naval warfare.


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  • 16 Sep 39: U-31 participates in WWII's first convoy attack
  • 11 Mar 40: U-31 is sunk for the first of two times
  • 02 Nov 40: U-31 is sunk for the second time
  • 16 Mar 41: U-100 becomes the first submarine to be tracked by radar
  • 23 Feb 42: Japanese sub I-17 shells oil refinery 12 miles from Santa Barbara
  • 21 Jun 42: Japanese sub I-25 fires 17 shells at Fort Stevens, Oregon
  • 28 Aug 42: Japanese sub I-25 catapults seaplane to firebomb Oregon forest
  • 09 Mar 43: U-510 torpedoes 8 ships in 3 hours, most successful U-boat action of WWII
  • 30 Apr 43: British sub puts corpse to sea, part of Operation Mincemeat
  • 18 Jul 43: U-134's guns shoot down only US blimp to be shot down during the war
  • 29 May 44: U-549 sinks the only US Navy Aircraft Carrier to be lost in the Atlantic
  • 04 Jun 44: U-505 is captured by USS CHATELAIN along with its Enigma machine
  • 09 Feb 45: Only time in history one sub sinks another while both are submerged
  • 01 Jul 45: First rocket attack made by a US submarine
  • 29 Jul 45: Japanese sub I-58 sinks the USS INDIANAPOLIS in the Philippine Sea
  • 21 Oct 45: U-boat pens in Hamburg are blown up using German explosives

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