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Grey Wolves:

The U-Boat War 1939-1945

Hardcover (240 pages), kindle, audiobook
To the Allies, the elite force of German submariners was embarking on a mission of unequivocal evil.

Grey Wolves:

In the early years of the Second World War, the elite force of German submariners known as the Ubootwaffe came perilously close to perfecting the underwater battle tactics and successfully cutting Britain's transatlantic lifeline. To the Allies, these enemy sailors were embarking on a mission of unequivocal evil.

Each member of the Ubootwaffe understood that he must take pride in being part of a unique brotherhood. He had to do so because he was setting out—in claustrophobic, unsanitary, stench-filled, and ultimately hellish conditions—on a journey that would test his mental and physical endurance to the very limits, and which he had little chance of surviving. Those that did return soon ceased to take comfort in friends or family, dwelling only on the knowledge that another patrol awaited them. By the end of the war, of the 39,000 men who went to sea in the U-boats, 27,491 died in action and a further 5,000 were made prisoners of war. Of the 863 U-boats that sailed on operational patrols, 754 were lost.

Grey Wolves captures life on board a U-boat, in text, letters, diaries, journals, memoirs, prose, and poetry, relaying tales of the mundane and the routine, dramatic and heroic; the fear and resilience of every crew member, from Kapitainleutnant to Mechaniker. It is a vivid, brutally realistic portrait of the men who fought and died beneath the surface of the Atlantic in what was, perhaps, the most critical battle of the war.


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  • 16 Sep 39: U-31 participates in WWII's first convoy attack
  • 11 Mar 40: U-31 is sunk for the first of two times
  • 02 Nov 40: U-31 is sunk for the second time
  • 16 Mar 41: U-100 becomes the first submarine to be tracked by radar
  • 23 Feb 42: Japanese sub I-17 shells oil refinery 12 miles from Santa Barbara
  • 21 Jun 42: Japanese sub I-25 fires 17 shells at Fort Stevens, Oregon
  • 28 Aug 42: Japanese sub I-25 catapults seaplane to firebomb Oregon forest
  • 09 Mar 43: U-510 torpedoes 8 ships in 3 hours, most successful U-boat action of WWII
  • 30 Apr 43: British sub puts corpse to sea, part of Operation Mincemeat
  • 18 Jul 43: U-134's guns shoot down only US blimp to be shot down during the war
  • 29 May 44: U-549 sinks the only US Navy Aircraft Carrier to be lost in the Atlantic
  • 04 Jun 44: U-505 is captured by USS CHATELAIN along with its Enigma machine
  • 09 Feb 45: Only time in history one sub sinks another while both are submerged
  • 01 Jul 45: First rocket attack made by a US submarine
  • 29 Jul 45: Japanese sub I-58 sinks the USS INDIANAPOLIS in the Philippine Sea
  • 21 Oct 45: U-boat pens in Hamburg are blown up using German explosives

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