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Deadly Decision

An Unselfish Act Seals a Bomber Crew's Fate

Paperback (124 pages)
Decisions made on the fateful day of June 20, 1944, changed Sergeant Centore's world forever when disaster struck Crew 601 on a mission to bomb oil facilities deep into Germany.

Deadly Decision

Deadly Decision by Rick Centore brings a rare and revealing personal voice to the telling of an extraordinary World War II combat tale. Based on the wartime experiences of Technical Sergeant Nello Centore of the 856th Bomb Squadron, 492nd Bomb Group, author Centore recounts the compelling events leading to a fateful day in June 1944 when disaster strikes Crew 601, and Sergeant Centore’s world is changed forever. Those ensuing days under German lock-and-key in a prisoner-of-war camp are recounted with a visceral memory in the form of Nello Centore’s personal journal entries.

The author then embellishes and amplifies the first-person account through commentary that sets the historical, political, and personal context for each entry; and this is what sets this war story apart from so many others. Author Centore reveals a powerful understanding and appreciation for his father's experiences, and thus gives the reader a rare insight into the minds, hearts, and souls of the men of Crew 601.

The 492nd Bomb Group...

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  • 18 Apr 44: 492nd Bomb Group arrives at Station 143, North Pickenham, England
  • 09 May 44: 492nd BG does exhibition formation flight over 2nd AD bases
  • 11 May 44: 492nd BG flies its first mission; no casualties
  • 19 May 44: 492nd BG Mission 05 to Brunswick; first of their three deadliest missions
  • 20 Jun 44: 492nd BG Mission 34 to Politz; second of their three deadliest missions
  • 07 Jul 44: 492nd BG Mission 46 to Bernburg; third of their three deadliest missions; entire 859th Bomb Squadron is wiped out
  • 15 Jul 44: The bomb dump at nearby Metfield mysteriously explodes, rocking the countryside and destroying the 491st Bomb Group's base
  • 07 Aug 44: 492nd BG flies its final mission (no casualties) and is disbanded
  • 13 Aug 44: The 801st Provisional Group at Harrington is redesignated the 492nd Bomb Group
  • 15 Aug 44: The 491st Bomb Group moves from their destroyed base at Metfield to North Pickenham
3 deadliest missions for the 492nd Bomb Group
Date Mission Target City Lost KIA WIA POW INT
19 May 44 Mission 05 Brunswick 8 43 3 34 0
20 Jun 44 Mission 34 Politz 14 76 0 22 41
07 Jul 44 Mission 46 Bernburg 12 67 0 52 0
Totals: 34 186 3 108 41
  Casualties per 1000 Combatants in WWII  
  US Army Air Force 16  
  US Army 24  
  US Marine Corps 29  
  467th Bomb Group 91  
  492nd Bomb Group 442  

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