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Ordeal and Triumph

Paperback (896 pages), kindle
This is the book credited in the opening of the 1970 film Patton. He was, and remains to this day, America's most famous general, representing toughness, focus and the ideal of achievement in the face of overwhelming odds.


"The best Patton biography." — Military Bookman

He is America's most famous general. He represents toughness, focus, determination, and the ideal of achievement in the face of overwhelming odds. He was the most feared and respected adversary to his enemies and an object of envy, admiration, and sometimes, scorn to his professional peers.

An early proponent of tank warfare, George S. Patton moved from being a foresighted lieutenant in the First World War to commanding the Third Army in the next, leading armored divisions in the Allied offensive that broke the back of Nazi Germany. Patton was an enigmatic figure. His image among his troops and much of the press achieved legendary status through his bold and colorful comments and combat leadership, yet these same qualities nearly jeopardized his career and forced him out of the battle on several occasions. Victory was impossible without Patton, and returning to the field, his army was responsible for one of the most crushing advances in the history of warfare.

In Ladislas Farago's masterpiece, Patton: Ordeal and Triumph, the complete story of this fascinating personality is revealed. Born into an aristocratic California family, Patton rose in military rank quickly and was tapped to lead the Allied landings in North Africa in 1942. Under Patton's direction, American troops cut their teeth against Rommel's Afrikakorps, advanced further and more quickly than British General Montgomery's army in the conquest of Sicily, and ultimately continued their exploits by punching into Germany and checking the Russian westward advance at the end of World War II. A sweeping, absorbing biography and critically hailed, Patton: Ordeal and Triumph provides unique insights into Patton's life and leadership style and is military history at its finest.

General George S Patton...

Scanning WWII related dates...

  • 04 Apr 41: Promoted to Major General (shows full promotions table)
  • 06 Mar 43: Named the commanding officer of the US II Corps
  • 12 Mar 43: Promoted to Lieutenant General
  • 03 Aug 43: First slapping incident, this one in Sicily
  • 10 Aug 43: Second slapping incident, this one in Italy
  • 01 Aug 44: Patton's US 3rd Army is activated in France
  • 02 Aug 44: 9th AF begins flying only missions Patton requests
  • 16 Aug 44: Promoted to Major General
  • 09 Dec 44: Circulates "Weather Prayer" to every man in 3rd Army
  • 25 Dec 44: Sends a Christmas card to every man in 3rd Army
  • 26 Dec 44: 10th Armored Division relieves defenders of Bastogne
  • 24 Mar 45: Ritualistically urinates into the Rhine
  • 14 Apr 45: Promoted to permanent rank of 4-star general
  • 09 Jun 45: Honored at Los Angeles parade with Doolittle
  • 02 Oct 45: Removed from command for remarks about former Nazis
  • 09 Dec 45: Seriously injured in automobile accident in Germany
  • 21 Dec 45: Dies from injuries sustained in the car accident
  • 19 Mar 47: Casket moved within Luxembourg American Cemetery

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