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Dr. Space:

The Life of Wernher von Braun

Paperback (328 pages), kindle
The controversial genius Wernher von Braun is a hero to most, yet a villain to others.

Dr. Space:

Written by veteran aerospace journalist Bob Ward, who spent years investigating his subject, this biography presents a revealing but even-handed portrait of the father of modern rocketry. As he chronicles Werner von Braun's life, Ward explodes many myths and misconceptions about the controversial genius who was a hero to some, a villain to others. The picture of von Braun that emerges is of a brilliant scientist with limitless curiosity and a drive to achieve his goals at almost any price -- from developing the world's first ballistic missile used against the Allies in World War II to helping launch the first U.S. satellite that hurled Americans into space and the Saturn V super-booster that powered them to the moon. Along the way readers are introduced to the human side of this charismatic visionary who brought the United States into the Space Age.

V-1 Weapons...

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  • 12 Mar 44: Swedes investigate crashed V-1 from research station 40 miles away
  • 13 Jun 44: First V-1 Flying Bomb attack on England, 4 of 11 hit targets
  • 16 Jun 44: V-1 offensive on Britain begins in earnest as 244 flying bombs strike England
  • 19 Jun 44: Air Ministry releases the first official V-1 details
  • 04 Aug 44: First RAF pilot destroys a V-1 flying bomb by tipping its wing
  • 02 Sep 44: Allied advance forces V-1 rocket bases in France to cease operations
  • 06 Sep 44: Victory in the Battle of London is proclaimed after 80 days of V-1 rocket attacks

V-2 Weapons...

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  • 20 Aug 41: Adolf Hitler authorizes the development of the V-2 missile
  • 18 Mar 42: First A-4 rocket explodes on test stand during combustion chamber test
  • 23 Mar 42: Wernher von Braun's team launches its first successful test of an A-4 rocket
  • 22 Apr 43: A British Mosquito photographs German rockets at Peenemunde
  • 27 Jun 43: British Chiefs of Staff circulate V-2 rocket report
  • 28 Jun 43: RAF reconnaissance plane conclusively identifies Peenemunde V-2 launch site
  • 13 Aug 43: B-24s bomb factory making V-2 parts, unknowingly setting program back
  • 20 May 44: Polish underground captures, dismantles V-2 rocket intact, sends to England
  • 08 Sep 44: First of over 3,000 German V-2 rockets hit Paris and London
  • 27 Mar 45: The 1,115th and last V-2 rocket reaches England
  • 02 May 45: Wernher von Braun surrenders to US troops

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  • Rocket Man:
    Robert H Goddard and the Birth of the Space Age

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