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Evidence in Camera:

The Story of Photographic Intelligence in the Second World War

Paperback (256 pages)
The story of the men and women who pioneered and fostered photographic intelligence, and of the work they did.

Evidence in Camera:

A war book with a difference... an important addition to the history of those times... here is a book to read and enjoy.

The Sunday Times Constance Babington Smith, who worked during the war with the Allied Central Interpretation Unit, tells the story of the men and women who pioneered and fostered photographic intelligence, and of the work they did.

V-1 Weapons...

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  • 12 Mar 44: Swedes investigate crashed V-1 from research station 40 miles away
  • 13 Jun 44: First V-1 Flying Bomb attack on England, 4 of 11 hit targets
  • 16 Jun 44: V-1 offensive on Britain begins in earnest as 244 flying bombs strike England
  • 19 Jun 44: Air Ministry releases the first official V-1 details
  • 04 Aug 44: First RAF pilot destroys a V-1 flying bomb by tipping its wing
  • 02 Sep 44: Allied advance forces V-1 rocket bases in France to cease operations
  • 06 Sep 44: Victory in the Battle of London is proclaimed after 80 days of V-1 rocket attacks

V-2 Weapons...

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  • 20 Aug 41: Adolf Hitler authorizes the development of the V-2 missile
  • 18 Mar 42: First A-4 rocket explodes on test stand during combustion chamber test
  • 23 Mar 42: Wernher von Braun's team launches its first successful test of an A-4 rocket
  • 22 Apr 43: A British Mosquito photographs German rockets at Peenemunde
  • 27 Jun 43: British Chiefs of Staff circulate V-2 rocket report
  • 28 Jun 43: RAF reconnaissance plane conclusively identifies Peenemunde V-2 launch site
  • 13 Aug 43: B-24s bomb factory making V-2 parts, unknowingly setting program back
  • 20 May 44: Polish underground captures, dismantles V-2 rocket intact, sends to England
  • 08 Sep 44: First of over 3,000 German V-2 rockets hit Paris and London
  • 27 Mar 45: The 1,115th and last V-2 rocket reaches England
  • 02 May 45: Wernher von Braun surrenders to US troops

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  • Rocket Man:
    Robert H Goddard and the Birth of the Space Age

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