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Survivors of Hiroshima and Nagasaki

Paperback (206 pages)
Recollections of activities, emotions, and devastation experienced by real people on and since August 6, 1945. They tell their heart-breaking stories to make a point... that it must never happen again!


This book's 25 firsthand accounts by hibakusha - survivors of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in early August 1945 - constitute an indictment of nuclear weapons far more eloquent than any polemic. Grim though their stories are, understanding what they went through may well be crucial to averting another nuclear tragedy.

The Atomic Bomb...

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  • 25 Jan 39: Uranium atom split for the first time
  • 02 Aug 39: Szilárd, Einstein alert FDR of Nazi research
  • 02 Dec 42: Fermi conducts nuclear chain reaction test
  • 01 Feb 43: Ground broken at Oak Ridge TN for processing plant
  • 03 Mar 44: B-29 drops dummy atomic bomb in California
  • 16 Jul 45: First atomic bomb detonated in New Mexico
  • 06 Aug 45: B-29 ENOLA GAY drops atomic bomb on Hiroshima
  • 09 Aug 45: B-29 BOXCAR drops atomic bomb on Nagasaki
  • 21 Aug 45: Manhattan Project accident; will kill a physicist
  • 01 Jul 46: Test ABLE detonates atomic bomb in the air
  • 25 Jul 46: Test BAKER detonates atomic bomb under the sea
  • 14 Jul 49: Soviet Union detonates an atomic bomb

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