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Night Witches:

The Amazing Story Of Russia's Women Pilots in World War II

Hardcover (272 pages), paperback
Despite the occasional misinformation and the journalistic embellishment in novelizing these true historical events, this is still a terrific book which gives recognition to the courage and sacrifices of female Soviet pilots in the "Great Patriotic War."

Night Witches:

This is the very first book by a Westerner on Soviet airwomen in combat in World War II; as such, it represents a welcome contribution to military history. What's more, the book is based on eyewitness accounts: Mr. Myles, the author, made several trips to the USSR to interview many of the survivors. He also gained access to personal records, photos, regimental histories, and other written sources. Nevertheless his book appears to be mainly "oral history" intended for popular audiences, without thorough and careful use of written materials. This is undoubtedly why, despite its general authenticity, objectivity and recapturing the spirit of the times, it is marred by numerous errors and omissions. All this criticism indicates that the book must be used with caution and should be followed by more accurate and complete publications on the subject.

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  • ISBN: 9780897332880
  • Condition: New
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