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The Great Oil Conspiracy:

How the US Government Hid the Nazi Discovery of Abiotic Oil from the American People

Paperback (176 pages), kindle, audiobook
Although it came too late, Nazi Germany's scientists did unlock the secrets to developing all the synthetic oil they needed to wage war. Yet their confiscated documents remained largely ignored in the US.

The Great Oil Conspiracy:

A shocking investigation revealing why greedy oil companies are lying to the American people.

At the end of World War II, U.S. intelligence agents confiscated thousands of Nazi documents on what was known as the “Fischer-Tropsch Process” — a series of equations developed by German chemists unlocking the secrets of how oil is formed. When the Nazis took power, Germany had resolved to develop enough synthetic oil to wage war successfully, even without abundant national oil reserves. For decades, these confiscated German documents remained largely ignored in a United States where petro-geologists and petro-chemists were convinced that oil was a “fossil fuel” created by ancient decaying biological debris.

Clearly, big U.S. oil companies had no financial interest in explaining to the American people that oil was a natural product made on a continual basis deep within the earth. If there were only so many fossils in geological time, there could only be so much oil. Big oil could then charge more for a finite, rapidly disappearing resource than for a natural, renewable, and probably inexhaustible one.

The Great Oil Conspiracy explains how Stalin at the end of World War II demanded his petro-geologists “dig deeper” when petro-scientists in the United States had determined that the Soviet Union, like Germany, lacked national oil reserves. Russia today has challenged Saudi Arabia for the lead in oil production and exportation. Once oil is understood as an abundantly available resource, there is no reason hydro-carbon fuels cannot indefinitely propel the development and production of cheap energy reserves the United States needs to maintain its dominant position in the emerging global economy.

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  • 03 Mar 38: Oil is discovered in large quantities in Saudi Arabia
  • 26 Sep 40: FDR imposes an embargo on the export of aviation fuel
  • 01 Aug 41: US announces oil embargo against all aggressor nations
  • 12 Jan 42: Dutch POWs executed for destruction of oil installations
  • 25 Mar 42: Standard Oil pleads "no contest" over synthetic rubber
  • 01 May 42: PLUTO pipeline under English Channel is tested
  • 15 May 42: Gasoline rationing goes into effect in the eastern US
  • 28 Jan 44: US, UK place oil embargo on Spain for supplying Germany
  • 05 Mar 44: Gen Spaatz issues "Oil Plan" to bomb Germany's fuel
  • 05 May 44: Spain stops exporting Tungsten to Germany for American oil
  • 12 May 44: US 8th AF begins bombing oil production in Germany
  • 12 Aug 44: PLUTO pipeline is laid across English Channel
  • 16 Aug 45: Gasoline and fuel oil rationing comes to an end

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