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The Wereth Eleven

A film that serves as a wake up call and an alarm to our youth of today who don't have a clue to how they awaken to each new day in a land of unimaginable freedoms.

The Wereth Eleven

This remarkable docudrama, written and directed by Robert Child, chronicles the story of 11 African-American soldiers who were captured and brutally murdered near Wereth, Belgium, by the Nazi SS during the Battle of the Bulge. The men were members of the 333rd Field Artillery Battalion, and their terrible tale has been called one of the least-known atrocities of World War II.

Narrated by actor Corey Reynolds, The Wereth Eleven weaves together excellent interviews with WWII veterans and historians, never-before-seen archival footage, and top-notch visual effects (including CGI-animated graphics), while Ken Arnold leads an impressive cast in the reenactments. A winner of the Founders' Choice Award at the 2011 GI Film Festival, DVD extras here include bonus interviews and panel discussions.

This film is the Glory and Tuskegee Airmen of our times which highlights the amazing sacrifices, tremendous heart and the outstanding character of The Black Soldier who wasn't welcome to fight for their own country during times of war. It's through the sacrificial efforts, determination and lives of these men, that Colin Powell became the highest ranking military officer in our nation and that any and all Black men and women could achieve any rank and position they dreamed of propelled only by their ambition, not discriminated due to the color of their skin. This film is a wake up call and an alarm to our youth of today who don't have a clue to how they awaken to each new day in a land of freedoms unimaginable. It was on the backs and shoulders of men and soldiers like these who said, Take me, I'll fight, for freedoms many didn't live to experience and the ones that lived returned home without thanks, gratitude or appreciation.

The Battle of the Bulge...

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  • 16 Dec 44: Battle of the Bulge begins; largest, bloodiest battle fought on the western front
  • 17 Dec 44: Atrocities committed against American POWs at Malmedy and Wereth
  • 20 Dec 44: German advance fails to capture allied fuel dumps, start running out of gas
  • 22 Dec 44: Gen McAuliffe says "Nuts!" to German surrender ultimatum at Bastogne
  • 24 Dec 44: Belgian nurse is presumed killed in Bastogne when her aid station is shelled
  • 26 Dec 44: Patton's 10th Armored relieves besieged 101st Airborne defenders
  • 25 Jan 45: All ground taken by the Germans is recovered, ending the Battle of the Bulge

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